Addrena Review, Where to Buy, vs Adderall, Ingredients, and Side Effects

This is a Addrena review for The best Adderall alternative OTC that I have tried Addrena. Many people mistakenly assume that natural supplements like herbal stimulants and nootropics aren't effective, this couldn't be anything further from the truth. 

My daily activities have changed tremendously since I started taking Addrena. Everything else that I've tried has turned out to be complete crap that just ended up making me feel strung out. Luckily this product helps me in a few ways that other things I've tried fall short.

I Need to Stay Up Late for My Job

Sometimes I can get really depressed at work and I think this may have to do with my lack of energy. Addrena gives me a great kick in the ass to keep me going and luckily doesn't have any annoying crash. Part of the reason that I can feel depressed is that fact that some days there is an incredible amount of work that needs to get done. Even though I have tried Ritalin one time, these types of prescription stimulants give me side effects and can also be quite hard for me to obtain.

It's Nice to Get a Boost at the Gym

As our lives get more complex and our responsibilities increase it becomes more difficult for us to become involved in physical activities such as lifting weights and doing endurance exercises. Taking Addrena has absolutely changed my life now as I shoot right off that couch after work and head straight to the fitness facility. Although it kicks in a little bit more slowly (5-10 minutes more) than PWO supplements, I find the energy is even better because those other products make me crash and Addrena doesn't. This Addrena weight loss review wouldn't be complete without telling you that I did lose 4 pounds total since I started taking it.

Comes in handy for College School Work

I am one of those procrastinators who gets stressed out by not being prepared. It's something I'm aware of and getting better with, but getting that nice kick in the ass to get you going for many hours without a crash is absolutely a great thing. Studying is the hardest process of college for myself personally. Having a nice natural boost of energy stimulates my studying process making them more effective. One Addrena side effect from this Adderall substitute is that can feel quite warm at times, which is great for fat loss but can also be uncomfortable. This is the best Adderall XR Alternative OTC If you feel like you need another gear to propel you forward I suggest you give this energy and nootropic stimulant a try.

Addrena Vs Adderall

I have taken Adderall many times as I have obtained it illegally in various ways whether buying it from a drug dealer who sold all sorts of different types of drugs and I even one time I took a few from a college roommate's bottle when he wasn't looking. I guess I shouldn't have done that, but I did. Back then I didn't know much about it and actually and a few times I even snorted it. That didn't work out too well, lol. I didn't get the energy I quite expected and I had this blue color leaking out of my nose. To tell you the truth I never really liked taking Adderall unless I had drank some alcohol because it made me too jittery. With Addrena I only feel uneasy if I take too big of a dose, whereas with Adderall any dose without alcohol makes me feel some anxiety and restlessness. My tip for Addrena is to start with half a tablet and then work your way up to a whole pill. Just like with Adderall though everyone will react differently to these energy and focus boosters. I have heard of some people who love Addrena, but only at 4 tablets a day. That amount seems pretty insane to me personally because of how powerful I think it is, but we are all different. The bottle only says to take one pill and to even take half of a pill if you are new to the supplement. More common than taking 4 pills (DO NOT DO THIS) is that people taking one and half or 2 total tablets. I personally have never taken more than one and half pills myself and when I do take that many they are spaced out throughout the day.

Where to Buy Addrena?

Addrena and other Adderall alternatives cannot be bought at GNC, CVS, Rite Aid, or Walmart and must be bought online. I bought Addrena on their website and paid by filling out my credit information which is secure as it is protected by Paypal. Paypal and Amazon are the only payment providers that I know I can trust for sure, but I have also used Google Wallet in the past which worked great too. Paypal is the only method that I personally ever like to pay for any products or services with. Calling your bank I've found when someone has ripped you off with a scam is not an easy process at all, as opposed to Paypal where I get my money back pretty quickly and without any headaches. When I ordered Addrena it shipped that day and only took 2 days to be delivered, but because it usually ships priority mail from the post office people who live farther away can wait up to 3 days. The return policy that I read said you can return the product for a full refund of the bottle, but I did not need that as I got excellent and powerful results from this natural supplement like Adderall.

Addrena Ingredients

The reason why I think Addrena is the most effective product in it's class comes back to the fact that it has the best ingredients of any Adderall alternative supplement and at the correct dosages for someone to truly get strong results. The specific ingredients that I feel make Addrena effective are the combination of stimulants and nootropics that it contains. I've taken just stimulants and just nootropic supplements before and the effects just weren't the same. With nootropics by themselves I think they help, but it can be hard to feel them at times even if you get the best ones on the market like what is in Addrena. (ALCAR, Tyrosine, Choline, Bacopa, DMAE) I have also taken herbal stimulants and they help as well, but the problem with them is that firstly they need to be stacked to really feel the effects and secondly without nootropics I don't feel like the effects of the energy don't last quite as long. The biggest reason I was looking for an OTC Adderall alternative like Addrena was because the only over the counter energy stimulant I had been taking which gave me the absolute worst crash after I stopped taking it along with some really annoying anxiety. I'll never drink coffee again, it just isn't worth all the side effects that you get.

Addrena Side Effects

No matter what stimulant drugs or supplements that you take you will undoubtedly lead to a side effect or two. Some stimulants like ephedrine, Adderall, and 1-3 dimethylamylamine for example constrict blood vessels so much that men cannot get an erection. Addrena does not have that side effect at all luckily. Addrena does raise my blood pressure so anyone that has any types of heart issues should always consult their doctor first. People who have had heart attacks are often told by their doctors to stay away from any types of caffeine like coffee and energy drinks for this very reason. In general I like to take most types of pills with food unless it is said to do otherwise, this is true when I take Addrena as well. Side effects on Addrena are relatively easy for me to control as it is dose dependent for me personally. Once you find the right dose you can pretty much stick with it, although your body can get used to the effects which is why you may need to gradually up the dose. At a certain point I found it is best in terms of results and side effects though to take some time off. Even though I have used Addrena monday through friday for work before, I have found that for me the best way to take it is 2 days on and 1 day off.

Addrena Actually Works

That's the last thing I'll leave you with in writing this Addrena review. So many countless supplements don't work and are just marketing as opposed to this natural nootropic and stimulant product that actually boosts brain functioning and energy levels in a considerable way.

                                          Addrena Review


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